The Busan Advertising Festival is an all English international advertising competition, and the proposition brand is also a Korean brand. If you are planning, you not only need to pass the language proficiency, but also need to consider the local market environment in South Korea (e.g. South Korea’s online shopping convenience is not as good as China’s, but its TV shopping is very familiar, unlike China’s stereotype of elderly people being deceived when it comes to TV shopping, which is also mentioned in the proposition list), Therefore, doing visuals is a relatively clever choice.


Our work is titled “Maybe You don’t Have to…”, and the corresponding copy of each poster starts with this, controlling sentence length and word difficulty. The sentence structure has a strong sense of rhythm, is catchy, and easy to remember.
The content corresponds to the dilemma of having to wait for a long time due to the complicated cooking steps of housewives, unhealthy eating of junk food among young people, and the lack of time for lunch among working parties.




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